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Thread: New Astra problems

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    New Astra problems

    Hi all!

    Weird question but here goes..

    I have an 09 plate Astra which is about 5 months old.. The problem is the gear box is feeling a bit weird when chaning gears sorta like it is crunching into gears..

    My question is can I take it to any Vauxhall dealer? If not can I take it to any of the same chain cus its from a branch of 'Drive' like 150 miles away.


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    Hello Scott,

    In my experience you should be able to take your car to any "Franchised" vauxhall dealer and they will have a look at it for you - because your car is still under the 3 year warranty. This applies even if you haven't had the car from new or didn't buy it from a dealer (assuming it's not an import - not sure where you'd stand with that).

    I have done this myself on several occasions with no problems. Our local dealer does not do very good deals with P/Xs, so I travel 60 miles to a better dealership where you're treated better (not just another sale notched up) - but when it comes to servicing / warranty issues I bite the bullett and go to the local place, purely because it's more convenient, still get rubbish service though...

    I hope that helps (sorry for the little rant!!).
    John P.

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