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Thread: Hello and i have a problem!

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    Smile Hello and i have a problem!

    Hi, just joined the site for some help for my neighbour who has a 2001 Astra 1.8 SXi.

    He has recently bought the car and has this website sticker in the rear window so thought i'd have a browse round.

    Anyway, the problem is that we found his interior light disconnected. When we reconnected it, it works but when driving along it sometimes flickers on and off randomly! I've checked the door switches but is there anything else this could be? Is there a relay thats part of the circuit etc???

    The car has a clifford alarm fitted...i know some aftermarket alarms are wired into the interior lights etc but i have no idea how this one is wired in..either way it seems to operate correctly at all times so i doubt its that.

    Cheers in advance! to browse some more of the forum.

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    Ohhhh I wonder who's car that was

    Pretty much all alarms that are fitted properally have them linked to the interior lights. The problem could be with this connection or unfortunatly so many other things on the car. The only relay for the interior lights cuts power to them otherwise it comes from the multitimer built into the fuse box. The wire could also be shorting out pretty much anywhere in the car.

    I'd start by disconecting all the pin switches incase one is at fault and barely touching the door
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    Also put a picture of the car up as someone may know the owner and know what the fault is
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