After my sister has bought a new Toy(b)ota Auris and won't be needing my moms Volvo S80 T6 aka "die panzerwagen" anymore (since my sister can only drive an automatic).
My mom has had a yearly service expense of 7500£ on the Volvo because everything keeps breaking and won't be needing a car till next year because she's currently driving my car (till i get my license) so we've decided to sell it as soon as my sister gets her new toyota.

Though i want some opinions on a good SUV for that is good on snow - since my mom is afraid of driving on snow and she wants an SUV
The car doesn't need AWD, but it needs to be able to stop and start again on a icy uphill road.

My mother doesn't like the Land Rovers (though i love them) and wants a Nissan X-Trail...

Also there needs to be room for at least 4 full size adults in it

Any other opinions on which car to buy?