Hi All

My 2006 Astra SRI 1.8 engine has a knocking noise as it starts up. Form cold is is much louder and it will run for about 2/ 3 seconds. Took it back to the dealer as it is under the network q and they sent me away and said nothing wrong. Took it to another dealer and they said they changed the cambelt actuator.

In short still doing it..

Then to bug me further the air con pump gets very loud when the engine is warm. When in stop start traffic the noise pitches with the revs. In the works car park somebody said oh that doesnt sound healthy...

Again in short, dealer cant find a fault...

Does anyone else have these noises? or am i just being a bit of a fussy wot not??

Trouble is I part x'd my lovely 03 astra coupe which had none of the above and 3 times the miles on the clock..