Hi to all,

been a while since i been on here! Basically i need a diesel for work doing 170 miles a day and regular car is getting to pricey plus im racking up the miles!
In my garage Mk4 1.7td 3 door hatch (rare i think) on a 98 plate, absolute nail she was but never let me down, until the engine went bang on the motorway.
what i would like to do with her however is explore the possibility of putting in a cdti 150 lump from the mk5?? as far as i am aware they use the same engine mounts? i quite like the idea of having her in nice condition but with a near 200bhp beast under the bonnet (already planning a map)
Has anyone on here put mk5 engines into mk4?
i suppose the main problems would be the loom etc? any help or feedback appreciated, thanks Paul