Good afternoon all ,

Looking for some advice/experiences from you nice chaps on here please.

I've got a 56-plate Astravan 1.9 CDTi Sportive 8v model and the warranty runs out on 28th.

I've got 3 problems with it which I want fixing under warranty but the trouble is that it's now due a service and MoT (plus the "insp" warning is on the dash, 41k miles) and Vaux are saying that they won't fix anything under the warranty as it's only valid if the services are up-to-date and want me to shell out £174 for a service + £54 for an MoT beforehand. Not surprisingly I'm not too taken with this ultimatum when I can get a PROPER service and MoT done for less than half that at my usual friendly back-street garage which I've been taking my bangers to for donkeys years.

My concern is that as the main problem I need fixing is intermittent (and is probably the most expensive one of the 3 as well), I fear that Vaux will fob me off with 'can't find anything wrong, let it develop' until after the warranty has expired which will then leave me £230 out of pocket for the (non-)service that they forced me to have done before looking at the problems. I am wondering whether to just forget the warranty and the potential fob-off excuses and just get it all fixed independently?

The problems are thus:

1. I think that the alternator (or part of) is about to fail as I'm getting the tell-tale screeching and chirping noises along with the steady pulsed dimming of the interior light. However, this is intermittent and I've not heard a peep from it for the past 3 days now and no dimming lights either.

2. The rear parking sensors have recently packed up I now get a constant tone when I engage reverse gear even though I'm not near any objects/walls etc

3. The left wiper blade banging off the bottom of the windscreen when doing more than 30 mph. I think the wiper may only need the nut tightening up where the arm connects to the assembly but upon investigation it seems to require the removal of most of the contents of the engine bay in order to get at it.

Any rough approximations of prices to get those fixed independently including labour costs? And what experiences do people have of trying to get stuff fixed with only a week to run on the warranty?

Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post - just wanted to make sure I got all the important bits in.