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Thread: new guy with a long story after advice

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    new guy with a long story after advice

    first of all hi guys nice be here you all seem like a great bunch
    hoping to pick your brains a bit

    you might want to get a drink first - tea - coffee - lager - something stronger

    anyway iv got a mk4 astra 1.8 sxi on a x plate and a few months ago while my dad was driving it the engine started making a banging noise. he pulled over as soon as possible which happened to be next to a garage , after taking a look the mechanic said he wasn't sure what was wrong but the engine was buggered and i would need a new one . after speaking to the garage they told me they would supply and fit me an engine for £1000 now at the time i couldn't afford that so i just got the car recovered to my house

    now this is where things start to go wrong lol
    a mate of my dad came to see me and also said the engine was buggered and said he could get me an engine and fit it for £300 so i jumped at this chance .

    a few days later i got a call telling me that the second engine appeared to be buggered and that his plan was to combined the 2 engines to make a good one . this didn't work and i was told i would need a new cylinder head

    at this point i was running low on money but i got a cylinder head and delivered it to my "mechanic"

    the following day i got a call , I'm sure you can see where this is going , and he told me to pop round and have a look

    when i arrived he pointed out the problem on the re- disassembled engine . the cylinder had hit the spark plug completely shattering the piston and buggering yet another cylinder head . he then informed me that the problem was that the the head had been skimmed

    i contacted the supplier of the head and told him what had happened and that we thought the head had been skimmed , he said the head was fine had been tested before dispatch and it was probably the timing had been set up wrong

    so now i had gone through 2 engines and a cylinder head in about 3 weeks and i was unwilling to throw more money at it . the mechanic was blaming the supplier and the supplier was blaming the mechanic

    i was stuck

    i took the car home and thats where it been since

    the problem i have is it cant stay there forever as much as i love it iv got to do something with it

    so far i worked out that my options are

    find a new mechanic and get a new engine fitted - problem being I'm now unemployed and don't have the money

    break it - problem being it would make the garden look like a scrap yard and i have no storage space for the bits and I'm also limited in my mechanical knowledge

    sell it as is - where would i do this and how much would you think i could get for it

    to be honest i wouldn't like to break it as its such a nice car and it would be a shame to do so

    anyway thanks to all for reading and well done for getting this far any ideas are welcome

    and apologies if this is in the wrong place I'm new to this forum posting business

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    Wrong place kind of but from one who has been there years ago, sell it and start again, trust me you really would be best to do this...

    Either that or spend some more money on a decent engine and a decent mechanic to it it...but truthfully, I'd not think the car is worth spending any more money on...

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