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Thread: Standard Head Unit?

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    Standard Head Unit?

    Hello people, I have recently bought a MK4 SRi and am pondering the ICE options...

    I already have an Alpine IDA-X100 that I had installed in my previous Astra but the SRi I have now has quite a good head unit standard, even if it does look like something out of a history museum

    Ideally what I want to do is relocate the standard head unit to the bottom slot below the heater controls and install the Alpine one in the top slot.

    This way I can have the MFD fully working with the MPG counter etc and also play CD's and have the Alpine for my iPod and because it looks good lol...

    Is there a way of doing this? I wouldnt mind ditching the standard head unit but I want the MFD working as it does currently

    Thanks, Joe.

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    If your worried about loosing the trip computer info on the MFD then everything will still work if you change the headunit with the exception of the factory nav unit I believe

    The problem with running 2 headunits is only 1 set of speakers so needing to do some speaker to RCA adaptor then putting that into the AUX input of your alpine headunit if it even has one
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