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Thread: Engine Cooling / AC warning light. How to fix underlying issue, leading to ON-light

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    Engine Cooling / AC warning light. How to fix underlying issue, leading to ON-light

    Hello AstraOwnersClub

    Thank You for all of your technical knowledge, you have provided free to the global community. I'm Sure Brazil would like to know more about your website, although in Brazilian. I am excited to tell you a solution to an Astra electrical problem, but please correct me if I have re-issued this solution I am sure I have some new information that is different.

    Subject: Engine Cooling / AC warning light. How to fix underlying issue, leading to correct light lighting up (i.e. The warning is a true indicator).

    This solution is going to be kept simple and I will try to not waffle. I am excited though that my Opel Astra G is going perfectly. At the end I will also briefly tell you what problems I encountered, which were all resolved, but which could be of use for forum readers to identify if they too can fix their car.


    * Engine Cooling light/ AC warning light lit
    * Light may not come on immediately after starting car
    * Light can remain lit
    * Light may extinguish after re-starting your car

    Other Important Symptoms:

    * Your AC Fan whirrs up to maximum making a loud noise
    * Your Radiator Fan does not function
    * At this time, your engine cooling light / AC warning light lights up
    * Turning on your AC makes these symptoms occur quickly
    * These symptoms occur regardless of the AC being on or off


    * Your Radiator Fan plug on wiring loom and the socket on radiator fan is in need of cleaning
    * The connection after years of connectivity fails due to corrosion build up
    * When the radiator fan is required but fails to turn on, the engine cooling / AC warning light lights up


    * Access the plug which is situated directly on the lower, right side of the radiator fan. Unplug the plug from the socket. With the front bumper removed, it is easier to see that your socket with three pins has fine white corrosion. Use Deoxit spray to eliminate corrosion, or simply re-plug the plug into the socket without using spray. When using Deoxit spray, use protective goggles, and all recommended protective gear recommended by maker of spray.
    * You will find after continuous testing with the AC on, that your radiator fan now works without fail, although only after continual testing will you know that the problem is resolved
    * When you are testing to see if the connectivity is restored, you should view the engine bay when the engine cooling light / AC warning light is lit before you try to resolve the problem. When it is lit you will notice that the AC fan is on, but the radiator fan is not.
    * When the problem is resolved you will notice that the radiator fan is working at the same time as the AC fan.

    Underlying Problems if the problem is not resolved:

    * From my experience, I have seen that the coolant piping required repair due to coolant leakage
    * From a situation arising from coolant escaping and falling on hot surfaces and evaporating, this created vapour which was smelt from inside the cabin due to blower air intake
    * When coolant leaks are resolved then this should not happen
    * Fortunately from my experience the coolant temperature remained at around 87 Degrees Celcius even though the radiator fan failed to work, but the car was still being driven
    * But due to months of on-end driving and driving long distances with this problem, then it could lead to coolant leakage issues

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    Thanks for this. I have had a similar problem for a while. Will give this soloution a try.

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