Am looking into a job change but for long enough i can't think of what i would like to do. I've never known tbh, so it's difficult finding 'a path'. I constantly find myself looking at other people doing their job thinking, could i do that, would i like to do that, could i stick that out for say 10yrs.

I'm aware that to get anything semi decent i'm going to have to go to college/uni, which is a bit of a gamble. We're looking to move out in 2yrs, me & the g/f & it'd mean giving up my job for about 3yrs or so. I'm not best paid (15-17k per yr before tax) but it's better than being jobless.

Had my eyes seen to at the local specsavers the other week & when i was watching the optician fella work, i thought, i could do that job. Seems ok to me.

Just after some feedback, which would be better than reading on some uni/optician wbesite where everyone is trying to sell you an idea.

Had a gander at the entry requirements (5 GCSEs A-C in English, Maths & a science, which isn't a problem as i got A's, B's & C's). Also mentions A-levels though, which might be a slight concern as that's when my effort dropped at school & i only came out with a B, D & an E, in computing, English & general studies in that order.

We're being put on short time at work very soon. We get treated like shit throughout the day, have a childish line manager & well i best stop because i could be here all night with the negatives.

Anyone got any feedback on the position? Chances of a job? Work required to get the position? Just the general jist.