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Thread: Blaupunkt car 300

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    Blaupunkt car 300

    I have bought a Car 300 for my mothers car. I have the car pass with the code. I have hooked the power up and it displays safe, i have tried turning the power off and on whilst holding the AS button, but all it does is beep, and never changes from the Safe message, so i cant enter the code.

    Do i have to wait a certain amount of time before the safe disappears? or is the unit completely broken?

    i have read some of the previous threads on this problem, but to no joy i have tried everything i think?, just have no way of entering the passcode.

    Thank you for your time and patience.

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    Try this
    turn on ignition
    turn radio off
    press and hold a/s button
    turn on radio (still holding down a/s)
    enter code
    hold a/s button until you hear bleep
    if wrong code has been entered i.e safe 7 is appearing you may need to leave on ignition for approx 1 hour to reset.
    If that doesn't work then the code may have been tried too many times & the unit is locked out. In that case it will be cheaper to buy a new radio.
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