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Thread: Estate ICE issues : power cables / rear speakers...

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    Estate ICE issues : power cables / rear speakers...

    Evening all,

    Have recently obtained myself a nice tidy Mk4 Estate to tide me over whilst gaining the cash to sort out a more appropriate car (read Mk4 hatch ...)

    What with not having space to store them, the speakers, subs and amps from my previous car have made their way across just for somewhere to put them, but I've decided I might as well wire them all in.

    This is where I hit problem 1:

    I have a 2000 1.6 8v engine which has a throttle cable, which therefore prevents the use of the spare grommet to route the power cable nicely. As the car is a non-permanent asset, I'm not keen on drilling a hole through the bulkhead as I have before (or pushing my finger through the rust as I did many moons before on my Mk3...)

    Q1: Has anyone ever run the power cable under the car and up through the holes in the floor of the load space. I've heard of this being done in other cars, but I've as yet not been able to get it up on any ramps etc. to check routing.

    Assuming I can solve this issue, I come across my other point: Estates don't have solid parcel shelves. In order to avoid affecting the stock car as much as possible I'm thinking of disconnecting the rear door speakers, and instead running amplified rear speakers in a form of mini-parcel shelf behind the rear bench then making a shorter boot curtain, which brings me to...

    Q2: has anyone ever fitted a "mini-parcel shelf / boot curtain combo" in an estate before.

    Last question - promise I'll stop after this one:

    Q3: Can anyone tell me what the maximum speaker depth available for the mid drivers in the front doors? Lets face it, the stock ones are only going to last so long...

    Thanks for any help you can offer to a former Astra driver who's judgement failed him when he decided to buy a French "car" but has now fortunately returned,


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    Welcome mate

    I wouldn;t worry about drilling the bulkhead and it not being permament. Just make sure the hole you drill is the right size for a blanking grommet after, it's what I plan to do

    Apart from that i'll answer Q3 for you in that my front speakers are 64mm deep (with the adaptors in the door which are needed) and there was still room behind them
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