hi all,

Im in need of some help please. ive recently bought a astra 2.2 sri which i love compared to my previous astra sxi but it broke down the other day and the rac bloke said your cam chain has gone. ive taken the cam cover of today expecting the chain to be missing but its not! so i gave it a wiggle and it felt tight in between the cam sprockets so got a long screwdriver and i could move the chain with ease below the cams.

so am i right in saying the chain has slipped causing valve and piston damage? is a chain slip not as bad as it breaking? and what do i need to do to get it fixed? i also started thinking whats caused it to go loose! the only thing i noticed was i had to top up the oil which took about 1.5 liters. not to good but i cant see how that can effect it as there would still be 3 to 3.5 liters left? its not like the engine was starved of oil? correct me if im wrong.

cheers, lee