Im hoping to sell my car and looking for a 3Dr 1.6SXi Mk4.

I had a quote with churchill who i have been insured with since passing my test.

Im 21 in january and had been driving 2 years this september how ever i have been on my partners insurance so im not sure if i have an NCB or not.

I had an accident 5th nov last year and altho the person i hit had no brake lights it was still classed as my fault as i hit him. Therefore loosing my wifes NCB oops lol.

Anyway, My partner goes on the insurance with me.
She is 21 and im 21 1st january
She has been driving 3 years and me 2
As far as im aware my partner currentley has 1yr NCB.

I have been quoted around the £500 mark with churchill for a 1.6SXi and just wondering if any of you Oh so lovely peeps could recommend another company for me??

Much Thanks.