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Thread: Chips in windscreen..

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    Chips in windscreen..

    Right, I called out the nice man from autoglass to do a chip in my screen, and while he was here, I noticed a new one that he also fixed for me. At no time did he tell me that it wouldn't also be covered with my fully comp insurance.

    Had a letter from AG this morning telling me I owed them nearly £38 for the job!!

    I know its not much, but its besides the point, why wasn't I advised that it was going to cost money?

    Not a happy bunny

    Anyone else had this?

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    check your policy, as most fully comp,insurance dont charge for chip repair..your company should have advised you when you called them to arrange the chips to be fixed too..never paid for chip repairs and have chips in 4 windshields that were sorted free of charge..
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