Bad day today.

My heater stoped working today, (only on blower number 4) so knew the problem was the heater resistor pack.

To cut a long story short went to the steelers, got a new one asked how long the guarentee was (one year the promptly told me).

So got home wipped the old one out put new one in, worked straight away.

Went to file recipt for the new one, noticed that I bought the last resistor pack on 21st November 2008.

Went right back down to the deelers with recipt in hand and old one.
THe guy behind the desk turned round and said that as I had removed the old one it made the guarentee void, and I should have booked he car in.
Anyhows after over an hour of arguing I asked (just for arguments sake if I had booked The car in when I was there in the morning when would the earliest appointment be.

Was promptly told 28th November.

So that would be 3weeks and 2 days with no proper heating in the car.

Should I go further and demand my money back, because if I buy something I expect it to last even if I did fit it.