I don't know if this already has a thread of its own, but after checking the first 7 pages and not finding anything similar, I will go forth and start a new one...

I bought my 07 1.6 Twinport about two months ago, and up to now (or this evening at least), no complaints.

As I was coming home from work, about a minute into the journey a strange smell came into the compartment; it was like a mixture of smoke and rotten meat, and the seatbelt warning light came on. I pulled over, turned off the engine and unclicked the belt. Checked the engine but couldn't see anything obviously wrong, and after I'd restarted and got going again, the smell was gone and the light remained off.

However - and this could be as a result of NCP (New Car Paranoia) - but since this strange incident this evening, I'm sure that I can hear a faint whistle coming from underneath the car.

I've got a month left on my warranty, but I don't want to take the car in only to be told that there's nothing wrong with it. So any advice would be welcomed. Ta.