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Thread: On board computer

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    On board computer

    HI i have a astra 1.4 club 04, and i have the 3 line display
    everything works fine except when i try the bc button all i get is the timer.
    i have managed to get it into the settings mode and it shows the code as being 001 with the majority of functions switched off.
    is the a way to switch on these features or do i have to take it to vauxhall??
    would vauxhall charge me to get them switched on??
    any help appreciated

    p.s. great site with plenty of info and friendly users

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    mine was exactly the same as yours until i got the dealer to activate it for me, they did it for me for free when it was in for something under warranty. there was someone on here who had all the instructions on how to do it when its connected to tech2, so if you find someone who has tech2 access probably be cheaper than dealer.

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