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Thread: MK5 Fiesta Wing Mirror Replacement

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    MK5 Fiesta Wing Mirror Replacement

    Anybody got any idea as to how to get these off? or even the doorcard off to get the mirror baseplate off?

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    just below / to the side of the mirror adjuster is a small blanking screw. pop it out (with a pin or end of a knife, and undo the philips screw.

    Then twist the adjuster knob to the left (at the base) to remove it from the adjuster bar.

    the interior baseplate will fall off then. Take the doorcard off and undo the 3 screws holding the mirror to the door.

    to remove the doorcard:

    *undo the screw thats sitting at the back of the door/tweeter
    *undo the screw that is in the handle
    *sometimes there are 2 screws at the bottom / side of the door (depending on spec and year of the car)
    *you also have to remove the winder / leccy buttons
    *IIRC there is also 2 big screws in the middle of the doorcard (just above the side pocket)
    *rest of it is poppered in place

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