This is referring to the Z18XE which is what i've got. For those of you 'in the know' would you say that modding beyond "the norm" , the costs of doing this are justified by the gains, or is it really not worth throwing the money into it?

Also, what would be the 'natural progression'?

To explain:....

I've done "the norm"...

De-restrict > Vec C Pipe > K&N Filter > Cybox exhaust

in that order, which i'd call 'natural progression' as it's going from cheapest/easiest upwards pretty much. Ok they may not all be seen as 'performance' like the first couple, but you catch my drift.

What's next & is there something of an order you would go in? & as i say - the gains that the next steps would bring, are they worth the money, or will you be getting sod all for a lot of pennies?

Just playing with curiosity at the mo.