hi guys, sorry if its wrong section. i wasnt sure where to put this as it isnt really ICE related.

just wondering if someone could help with my wiring for an oil temp gauge.

its made by autogauge

so the back of the gauge has 6 wires.

TOP: red wire, orange wire, black wire

BOTTOM: red, black, green

top wires are for the lighting. these arent the problem.

red for switched live, orange for lighting and black earth.

this lights up the gauge no problem

now, bottom wires,

red and black join with each red and black from above.

and green connected to the sender on an oil pressure sandwhich plate.

the needle does not move.

now after abit of confusion, i added another wire to the sender and earthed it in the engine bay. the needle on the gauge has now shot up to the highest position where it just sits until i switch igniton off.

does anyone have any idea as toi whats happening here