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The other day we received the below email from Jongleurs informing us that the Nottingham branch was closing down! Well thanks for that put a right spanner in our christmas party plans! lol

I’m sorry to have to tell you that Jongleurs on Canal Street, Nottingham, has closed as the economics are such that long term viability cannot be assured.

Hi Paul
We’re sad to have to bring you this news; however we will ensure you are fully refunded by method of payment. If you have booked by credit or debit card, you will automatically receive a refund to the card used to make the purchase, if you paid by BACS you will be credited by BACS, and if you paid by cheque, we will send you a cheque in the post.
There are 10 Jongleurs venues across the UK where the team is working on a host of innovative entertainment ideas to make comedy nights out better than ever.
Your nearest Jongleurs is Granby Street, Leicester. If you would like to re-book one of the other venues, we will be very happy to discount your booking by 25%.
If you would like to re-book or have any questions, please give us a call on 0844 844 0044.
Many thanks

Jongleurs Box Office
Anyway the AOC Club Team have been busy over the past few days organising alternatives to Jongleurs.

So the Saturday night entertainment has changed to:

1915 - 2100 - Meal at Red hot Buffet
2100-0300 - Oceana nightclub (over 21's night)

For information on Red Hot Buffet please click here

For information on Oceana Nightclub please click here

With regards to those that have already paid for Jongleurs can you please start a thread in the helpdesk titled 'Jongleurs Refund'. In the thread I need the following information:

1. Paypal email address you used to pay
2. If you wish to have a full refund (£46.50) or if you wish to attend red hot buffet and we shall refund the difference between the two (£26.50)
3. How many tickets you orignally booked and also confirm if this is still the same number if you wish to attend red hot buffet.

Once again really sorry for this but it is totally out of our hands and we hope you find the alternatives just as inviting as the Jongleurs night.

Any questions then please post here!

The AOC Club Team