Hi guys.

After a visit from a rather chirpy RAC man the other day I have a really strong smell of diesel in the bus shortly after starting.

A couple of days ago after a 400 mile blast up and down the country, I took my son to school as usual. When I came back to the car it wouldn't start. (to be more precise it started, coughed a bit, and cut out)

After the initial stumbling blocks of "oh, not seen one of these engines before" and no codes on the reader. A quick call to Vx, and the EGR valve was put at fault. Off it came and 10 minutes later in a large cloud of smoke she was running again.

She's running fine again now, however, as I mentioned earlier (and the point of the thread) there is a strong shell of diesel every time I start the engine now.... any suggestions ??

Just one other point, when it first restarted, there was a small amount of smoke coming from behind the cam belt... could this be related ??

Any suggestions appreciated.