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Thread: Remote wire correct????

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    Remote wire correct????

    Hi all,

    I've finished the wiring for my amps and plan the big 'turn on' tomorrow. I've just had a moment of worry though.........

    The canbus connector that I got did not require me to splice into the hazard lights as shown in the sticky, it has the steering controls and the only spare wires on it were for speed pulse, tel mute and handbrake. Had the HU in an all works fine. However the question is around the remote wire for the amps. I've read the other threads on this but decided instead of trying to put a terminal in the quadlock on the AR pin that I'd just tap another ignition live. So following the sticky on here I just tapped the black ignition live on the hazard light loom. Whilst I haven't plugged the amps in yet I've tested the feed and as expected it supplies 12v when ignition is on. I've just had a panic though that this is too much for the remote feed on the amp?? I know it only needs a small voltage/current and am worried now that this is too big a supply for the remote feed and I'll damage the amps if I plug them in with this setup?? Are my fears founded or am I just being a stupid worrier???


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    The remote turn on will only draw a small current.
    I would recommend that you use the AR feed for it, as otherwise your amps will turn on every time you have the ignition on.
    If you are unhappy using the quadlock then connect your remote wire directly to the control lead coming from your head unit.
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    Was the canbus adaptor used when you replaced the headunit with a aftermarket one? If so then you connect onto the remote out of the headunit
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