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Thread: Air Horn Fitting

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    Air Horn Fitting

    I have recently brought a stebel gp2 air horn and am looking how to fit it but there are no guides that i can find. It only comes with a wiring diagram which i can follow but dont know where to start as im not to sure if i've got a 'hot' or 'ground' lead.

    Does anyone know how to fit one of these or has done and can point me in the right direction????

    I've got an 02' astra club 1.6 8v,


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    Welcome mate

    Your best bet is just going to be to take the old horns out and replace with the new air horns. The ground wire will be earth which should be grey and the hot wire will be the live which is red/brown

    Bare in mind though that the factory horns are fused at 15 amps so if the new horns are fused higher a relay will have to be added with a fused live feed from the battery
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