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Thread: Innopart Dials for Coupe

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    Innopart Dials for Coupe

    Will these fit my Astra Coupe

    I cant find out my speedio dials mph as the car is in the garage at the moment, but need to order these?
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    looks like they're the 140mph -7k rev clocks. I have this setup in my 1.8. Don't know if this applies to all 1.8s & what setup other engines have as far as the clocks are concerned.

    If my understanding of German is right, then those are for the black dials only, and not white dials (when i was looking, it seemed difficult to pick up a set for white dials).

    So on that note, if you have white dials in your car, then they're not for you. You could however buy in some black 140mph - 7k rev clocks & use it on them, though the mileage would be untrue (unless altered).

    I'm sure someone will confirm whether this is right or not

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