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Thread: Rear Vauxhall Badge Painting...

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    Rear Vauxhall Badge Painting...

    Got a mahoosive 'to do list' for sunday to do on the car, and one of them is that i want to paint the back vauxhall badge black...

    Has anybody else done this and whats the process of doing it?

    Or should i get a new one from my local vauxhall dealers and paint it?


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    i got a new badge off ebay to save having to try sticking the old badge back on.

    its dead easy to paint

    key the surface with 1200 wet and dry sandpaper
    couple of coats of primer
    few coats of colour
    couple of coats of laquer
    stick badge on

    and heres a picture (any excuse to be a pic whore )

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