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Thread: Advice please...HELP....

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    Question Advice please...HELP....

    Hi Guys,
    I have a 2005 1.7 cdti van but at the moment its being a right pain. The EML has come on and has stayed on. I have had it on a diagnostic machine, but no faults showed up (£40) the garage advised me to replace the mass airflow sensor at £88, which I did, I have cleaned the EGR and made sure the valve is working but still the EML is on constantly from when you first turn the ignition key.
    Also I have noticed that when the engine is hot the rev counter seems to have a mind of its own reving between 2000 and 3000 rpm, also it seems to be loosing power in 2nd and 3rd gear and goes into limp mode for a few seconds, then picks up. I started to take the crankshaft sensor off but on a cdti it is at the back of the engine above the driveshaft and a right pain to get at, I cant see what type of bolt is holding it on, can anyone shed some light on as to what type of bolt it is likely to be ( it does,nt feel like a torx bolt) and do you think that this is the right way to go and replace the crankshaft sensor...?
    Many thanks in advance for any help.....


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    Your garage are idiots, if the lights on and they couldnt diagnose then they should have cleared it and seen if it recurred, I'd be very suprised if the EML is on and no code is stored unless you have an ecu problem which I would say is unlikely...

    I'd take it to Vauxhall and get them to do a code check on tech2 then ask the original garage for your cash back...
    N.b. any opinitons expressed above should be ignored and considered 'ramblings', under no circumstances should they be relied upon...

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