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Thread: Few buying questions

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    Few buying questions

    After being away from the vauxhall scene for a bit the Mrs has had an offer too good to refuse so I will be back (although its her car) I have a few questions. The car she has been offered is a 56 plate sri 150 cdti with exterior pack, it's done 60k but has full vx service history and its all mway miles and a woman owner from new. We're paying 7700 for it which from what I've seen is a good price for a 150 with xp. The questions are
    1. When do cambelts need to be done on these?
    2. When do clutches normally need replacing?
    3. Are there any things I should look out for?
    4. What are they like to live with?
    5. I will be looking at getting it remapped so where's best?
    6. If i put a stainless exhaust on it with silencers will it make the blowoff sound through the exhaust or does it have to be straight through?



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    for the cambelt check the history to see if its been changed? generally recommended every 40k miles i think

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