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Thread: Steering wheel - stereo controls

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    Steering wheel - stereo controls

    I have just today installed a JVC KD-G431 stereo into my '02 astra.
    As per instructions of the stereo it says that i can re-attach my steering controls via what is identified as a 3.5mm jack input - as here in section d -

    Does anyone know where i may be able to find one of these and exactly which one i may need ? i have looked at many, and assume that i would just need to connect from the 3.5mm jack to the now spare top part of the loom behind the stereo (as i have used the two smaller for the stereo already).

    though i seem to be struggling to find one of these, maybe i'm just unsure of which one to buy.


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    Welcome mate

    Your going to need a adaptor to get the steering wheel controls to work with your headunit, the 3.5mm adaptor is the last part of it

    Connects2 make good steering wheel controls, part number CTSVX001 plus the connects2 JVC patch lead. Ther other makes out there too all of which is listed in a sticky at the top of the MK4 ICE forum
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