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Thread: Loss of Power Steering and Electrics

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    Loss of Power Steering and Electrics

    Over 5 months, my Astra Coupe 03 has lost the power steering 3 times while trying to park. The power steering cuts out, the ABS and Traction Control light up on the dash, all electrics cut out for a split second and come back on (including radio), after a couple of mins the power steering then eventually kicks back in.

    While all this is going on the engine does not cut out. However if i turn off the engine and try to restart, its as if the battery is disconnected and its completely dead.

    If i leave the car for half an hour it restarts no problem (stereo reset though, like battery was disconnected) and could be 6 weeks before it happens again.

    Had new battery fitted, alternator checked by 4 different garages and all earth leads checked. Its been to Vauxhall who couldnt find the fault either.

    Anyone got any ideas? Thanks

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    Welcome mate

    For this to be a earthing issue i'd say both of them would have to be at fault which is very unlikely. Next time it happens though get a jump lead and connect it to the battery negative and try it on the engine (one of the lifting points is good) or a good chassis earth

    I'm wondering if you have a power failure somewhere though, possibly where it supplies the main bank of large fuses under the bonnet. Again next time it happens get a volt meter this time and see if these have power
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