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Thread: Another thanks to Adrian Flux

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    Another thanks to Adrian Flux

    Thanks to Dan & Emma,

    I have been with Flux for 7 or so years, i have found them to be very accomodating as i have progressed my car modifications (mostly not increasing the premium), and even have my bike insured with them.

    I had a renewal quote of £517.00 this year when last year i was paying £485.00 (due to price increases i think), i didnt really want to move from flux nor want to spend time phoning any other companies.

    So after a quick PM to dan last night and a phone call from Emma today i am now paying £415.00 which i am very happy with

    Thanks again guys for all your help.

    Mk4 GSi, VXR Engine/gearbox, quaife LSD, Custom FMIC & Pipework, Piper 3" Ex, CS Garett turbo/manifold, 342bhp 365lbft - Sold replaced by 2007 RS4 Avant -also looking for spec blue mk3 ph1 GSI

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    Thanks for your kind comments, I'm glad we got you a competitive price for your renewal I have passed your kind comments on to Emma's Supervisors for you.


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