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Thread: inline fuse blows as soon as I connect to battery?

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    inline fuse blows as soon as I connect to battery?

    Hi there,
    had my amp and subs in my astravan,
    swapped the whole system over to my new astra and whenever I reconnect it the fuse instantly blows, without the stereo even being switched on?
    the fuse is a 30A fuse if that helps,
    very confused please help!
    many thanks

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    Unplug the battery live to the amp and isolate it then put a fuse in to see if it blows. If it does then you have caught the power wire somewhere, if it doesn;t then you may have a faulty amp
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    Just don't plugin any thing you want to keep! Fusees blowing tell you theres something wrong. As Autosparks Says go back and look at all you're wiring. If you have a test light; there cheep if you don't get one if you plain on doing any thing else with electricity they save soo much time; see if you can isolate the part that is shoring it's probably going through the firewall, it's not unlikely you damage the insulation on the way through.

    Also on a side note the amp not even being on suggests it before the amp ie on the way through the firewall.

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