Hey guys and gals, me and my partner decided to do a Kawakaski lime green astra van mk4. We have always has astra mk4's including the astra coupe 888 and astra van. We decided to design a bright and cheerful but eligant astra van in lime green from scratch including the interior. Me and my partner Karen spent alot of time, blood sweat and trantums over this beaut....ti...ful lady including our close mates who are also all femails to get how she is today. She is not 100% complete but i would say she is 85% complete, just need to finish off the interior and a few minor exterior pieces but all in all she is still looking HOT. I will upload some more pics when the interior is complete, in the future we would like to do an engine conversion but at the mo its not our top priority, but will eventually come. I hope you enjoy the pics from scratch from when we started to dismantle her to preset!! Enjoy....all comments gratefully appreciated!! Many thanks Bex and Kaz