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Thread: hope someone can really help me

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    hope someone can really help me

    ill try and cut my story as short as possible but hoping someone has had the same kind of problem and had theres sorted.
    1999 mk4 1.6 8v club
    right, i had a problem about 4 months back with a code showing 1405 which is EGR valve then blanked it off and worked fine ever since.

    about 6 weeks ago i had a horrible problem with the car misfiring running on 2 cyclinders. i done the paperclip test again and came back with the code 1405 again but i also done a diagnostic test and it came back with 0352 which was coilpack. i changed the coilpack and it wasnt working but one day i risked it on 2 cylinders and it just kicked in and worked till now.

    I then did another paperclip test and it came up with 0352 again so changed the coilpack again. but has never worked since. so its still running on 2 cylinders. i then checked the plug that goes into the back of the coilpack with a led test and one out the 4 wouldnt light up so i kept fiddling with wires as it might of been a loose connection then it started flashing and came on and off so i kept fiddling and it stayed on.

    the car started and ran on all 4 cylinders so i thought i had it fixed anyway came to go out init and it ran back on 2 cyclinders as soon as i started it. so had a fiddle but no luck.

    today i had a fiddle and it keeps comin back to life but dies out again after about 10 seconds. i done a paperclip test again and it now came back with 1405 again which was egr valve again! its getting on my tits now lol i hope someone can help.

    theres a light brown and black bit thats above but behind the battery infront of the fuse box thing that i fiddle with and it seems to flicker the light.

    thanks sam

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    Running without an EGR valve long term is bad for the engine unless you get the ECU remapped.

    The EGR can still give a bad signal to the ECU even with it disconnected from the engine so it could still be at fault.

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