What filter system would people get or do have?

For the past few years ive looked at the dbilas flowmaster (i think thats it but that may be the mame of the inlet manifold).

But is it worth £260, it looks well made etc, looks like it'll do the job. But when you put it against say a £60 K+N filtercharger it seems just a tad over priced. Is there anything inbetween thats good and cheap.

I dont fancy going down the K+N route, because i did with my last car and it seemed to develop a loss of torque, and was a bit ropey on tickover. Im guessing thats because of the lack of cold air getting into the sysem, because of it feeding from the engine bay.

But i would like to have the intake roar of a open cone filter if possible but without the downsides of one. So has anyone managed to combat the downsides of a open cone (heatsoak) successfully, if so how?

I guess tho the best option more than likely would just to be to open the flow up on the original unit, and spend the money ese where