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    Thumbs Up Few questions

    Right before i do anything with the engine i want to add a few additions to the car.....

    1) Central locking how easy to fit and what would i need

    2) elec mirrors same as above

    3) elec arial comes up and down when ignition is switched on

    4) fitting clocks with a rev counter are they just plug and play? ( i will be doing an engine swap in the future so should i wait till iv done that?)

    5) fitting spot/fog lights

    Thought i would just ask all the questions in 1 threasd instead of starting 5 different ones cheers guys

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    It's unlikely your car will be pre wired for any of that apart from the electric aerial, clocks and maybe the fog lights

    Central locking kits are easy to add as a aftermarket item, you can get remote kits from ebay quite cheap. Electric mirrors will need wiring in also to the ignition and earth
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