Looking to change the cambelt on my 1.8 SRI this weekend. I have just brought a Haynes manual and am clear on what to do. As suggested on these forums I also plan to take the opportunity to change the water pump, to do this I need to remove the cambelt rear cover which requires the removal of the cam sprockets. The question is how generally have people locked the cams when undoing the sprockets as there are two options.
1 - use a spanner to hold the actal cam in place using the flat section
2 - use a special tool that haynes suggests you make yourself.

I would prefer to use a special tool but haynes does not go in to any detail on how you make it so I think that I will have to go with option 1 unless anyone has any ideas?

I will ensure that I fully mark everything ahead of removal so that I know exactly how it goes back so that the timing is ok. As I am removing the sprockets I dont see the point in getting a cam alignment/locking tool (the one that sits between the two sprockets) unless anyone thinks that it would be beneficial? As I am removing them I will just have to rely on the marks to line everything up.

I changed the cambelt in my MGF (nightmare to do by the way) but didnt have to remove sprockets and locked them using a tool, I guess that is why I am a little nervous.

Being a bit of a car nut I would like to do this myself tho!

Thanks for any pointers.