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Thread: what order???

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    what order???

    looking at using clay on the car to rid of the swirl marks, car is black so stands out like a sore thumb and was wondering in what order should i do it

    my usual routine is

    1, rince
    2, wash wheels
    3, wash paintwork
    4, chamois dry
    5, polish - turtle wax
    6, back to black on the tyres

    where does claying and waxing come in to it. i have a wet and wax spray, ( spray on when wet and chamois off) is this any good or a waste of time, or is it a good soultion to waxing?
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    There you go mate.....
    But you want to loose the chammy and get a proper drying towel, also a decent polish and wax the wax that you have sounds a bit useless.

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