hi all maybe some of you remember my old post im having trouble with my astra sri 2.0l 16v 2000 w reg, x20xev, there is an intermitten problem which causes th engine management light to come on and car to cutout and not start, i did the paper clip test and icame back with p0351/p0352 ignition coil 1 to 4, this obviously relates tothe coil pack but i replaced the old one and it still didnt start so i took it back, whatim trying to find out is how can i test the coil pack, i have tested the plug that feeds the coil and ihave a permanent live which is not permanent when i try to start the car and am i right in assuming there should also be switch live so when im trying to start the car there should be n output has anyonehad this problem before, also ive ad it on diagnostics and this dont bring anything up ive also had maf sensor, o2 sensor, evap, fault codes aswell it seems that when i clear the codes and it starts i will drive it and eml comes on ad it dies again any advice as to the wiring or how o test te coi would e appreciated