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Thread: Thanks Adrian Flux

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    Thanks Adrian Flux

    So got home the other week and found out car insurance runs out on 20th of this month!
    So that lovely time of trying find cheapest quote. My current company quoted £700, then went to £720 when i asked for it to be cheaper!! Other insurance companies were hardly near.
    So quick message to Dan @ Adrian Flux, and had call at end of the day. They saved me nearly £200 on last years price, and got insurance for £600 (one payment) with all mods declared, etc etc

    Just got sort paper work out now!

    Thanks Dan, super help from your staff and friendly too!

    So at 21 (22 in march)
    driving since Dec 2005 (i crash in dec 2005)
    2yrs NCB (on own policy)
    Living low crime rate area
    With an Astra sri 1.8, mk4

    Think very good price
    Disclaimer - some of the above text may actually be sarcasm (believe it or not!)

    Astra 02, SRi 1.8i - Irmscher'd up (a bit) with Zebra front bumper

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    Thanks for the good comments, Glad we managed to get you the best quote I shall pass your comments onto the person that did your quote for you.

    Don't forget I'm always here to help if you need me.


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