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Thread: Seat Catch/Lift Mechanism help

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    Seat Catch/Lift Mechanism help

    hi all,

    ok so when i got my car, the drivers seat wasnt lifting, the guy who sold it to me said its just a matter of connecting the catch back together.

    so i've started to get round to looking at it today, and im a bit puzzled (also i dont think its just a matter of connecting as he said! )

    ok so i managed to got the tricky way the fabric was held on the back of the seat off... and i see the lifting pin but there isnt anything lifting/unlocking the other side of the seat rail.

    on the other side of the seat (where there tilt adjustment is) there is a cable (which is the one, that when pulled unlocks the side that doesnt (so when both pulled, the seat releases forwards and slides like it should).

    now, seeing as there is a little one of those "connecting plugs" (not sure on its technical name heh) i think there is a cable missing possibly inbetween the lifting pin and this "connecting plug" ?

    hope someone could possibly drop me a few pointers on how this seat mechanism is layed out and works heh.

    pics below to hopefully show what im talking about (keeping up my useless explanations nicely haha )

    Cable on Lever Side with "Connector"

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    There should be a cable going to both release catches.

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