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Thread: Idle speed mk3 2.0i

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    Idle speed mk3 2.0i

    My 93 2.0i with cat idles at around 1000rpm which is about 200rpm too fast ,is there any way of altering this,or do you have to access the ecu and alter the idle value there,or any othr ideas of cause ,otherwise runs very well.

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    it has to be altered on tech 2 mate, but check for any air leaks around the manifold/throttle body area as this can cause high idle

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    Is it your original throttle or replacment?

    There could be a couple of things that need to be checked and/or adjusted.

    Has the idle adjustment screw been moved if is the original throttle (located in front of the idle control valve connector, and adjusts the butterfly plate angle inside the throttle)?

    A fault with the idle control valve make the idle very irratic making the car want to stall if anything. If its drawing air from the idle control value due to a leaking paper gasket on the ICV it will want to stall the car also.

    You need to say more of what has been done to the car, but I would say that the idle adjustment screw would be the first place to start as long as nothing has been done before to the throttle.
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