New to this forum so any help on this would be great as me and Mark down at MCD vaux cannot seem to sort it.

Ok i bought a silver astra gsi turbo replica off ebay about a month ago, you might of seen it. Was orrignally a 1.8, but he put in the z20let. but used 1.8 ecu wiring etc engine runs sweet. although he did not put the air con in.

So as soon as i start the engine the air con module light comes on and the fan kicks in right away, i have been running it like this for a while but want to get it sorted before i put it in my van. We put it on the computer and the engine thinks it got:1) air con 2) traction control 3) cruise control ...which it has none of and we are unable to switch the modules off :s.

Any help or advice on this would be much appreciated.

Cheers, Will