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Thread: Guide needed for dyno

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    Guide needed for dyno

    Hi all,

    i would like to put my car on Dynapack and see what figure it came out with, but most importantly i want to know the A/F ratio.

    unfortunately i have no access to a Tech 2. I also know that besides Tech 2 some other diagnosic tools can be used as well. What are they?
    can someone name me a few? thanks

    Oh I've read somewhere here saying if i disconnect the ABS sensor, pull out the ABS fuse and ESP OFF, i will be able to do a dyno run but no tuning. Is that correct?

    i am asking this question because no tuner here is familar with this car because there is no market. to tell you the truth they are less than 20 units turbo astra H. so my only hope is here.


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    Can you clarify what you are trying to achieve because it sounds like you just want to dyno a std car to see what its making. Not sure why are looking for the other answers as you cant do anything. Do you think you have a fault to fix?
    Yes you should pull the fuse on the ESP.

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