I have been after replacing my interior in my mk5 for some time. The only three options that are suitable for my needs are either a full leather vxr interior interior with pull forward leg supports, a vxr half leather interior with pull forward leg supports, or the vectra gsi interior retrimmed with the pull forward leg supports.

Now the first two have airbags fitted as per my original interior and therefore will be a simple bolt in job. However, to find a vxr interior with the pull forward supports (as it was an option) is a complete pain the rear. I have yet to find one!

Therefore as the vectra gsi seats already have these and look very tidy done in full black leather i was considering these. However, they do not have airbags and i am therefore assuming they will screw up my airbag system.

Therefore how can i safely have the front side impact airbags disabled, or is there an option for some other vauxhall standard seats which come with the leg support option that i have yet to find (i want some that are supporting and are an easy job to swap in even if it is just the fronts for the time being)? Due to my size it is becoming unconfortable to drive and really becoming a pain (literally!).