Hi all,

I have baught myself some Coupe Side Skirts for my Estate. I went to the Vauxhall Dealer for the clips and became a bit confussed!

Looking on this forum I understand that I need the following parts:

10 x Skirts clips 9174457 - 54p
12x push pin rivets - 90087290 - 17p
2 x small push pin rivets - 90262367 - 22p

2 x white clips 90481595

But the guy at the dealer also included this part:

6 x 90240251- Rivet, Blind at £1.16 each

Does anybody know what this is for because it is not anywhere on this forum and I'm on a budget so dont want to waste money on things i dont need.

Also is there a reason why the guy put 14 Push Pin Rivits and not the 12 recommended by this forum??

Help please!