Hi all!

Have been lurking around lately, did some searching etc, and figure I've sorted out what might be the issue with the car:

For the last few months or so, the car has had a "drop" when accelerating hard. The last few weeks it has gotten worse, not only doing one drop, but several. In other words more like a serious misfire. Last Monday, this happened again, but this time it stayed that way. It didn't go back to normal, so to speak. On idle it ran like a piece of shit, so I turned the ignition off and started up the car again. Then it ran smoothly, but the problem re-emerged a bit further down the motorway after accelerating.

I did the pedal test, and got the fault code 0300, 0301 and 0303 which means multiple cylinder misfires, misfire on cyclinder 1 and misfire on cylinder 3.

My limited knowledge tells me that the probability of two spark plugs failing simultanously is very low. I haven't looked at them yet (went on business trip), but I have ordered the coil pack from the dealer anyway. What do you guys think?

And, as far as I know, the coil pack is fairly easy to replace. But are there any good hints and tricks to do the job with minimal risk of damaging anything? If so, please share them with me

FYI: I had the car at the dealer last week for something else: Faulty ABS, ESP and IDS+ (constantly stiff undercarriage). Reason: A broken wire which caused the sensors to go hey-wire. That's all sorted out now