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Thread: SLE Revamp

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    SLE Revamp

    right guys, there has been positive and negative comments about the SLE6 show just held.

    We are now in the process of revamping the whole show and bringing in new ideas and making it more appealing than ever with a wide variety of stuff on the agendas, but obviously we are welcome to more ideas from yourselves if you have any which would attract the crowds.

    So any ideas you have please let me know, as i am acting as the rep for the show for all astra owners!!

    Also we are looking at getting a variety of different clubs who are local to put your car in a club stand, now i know AOC arent interested in local cruises, but this is a local club stand for all AOC owners.

    So if you would be interested in having your car in the club stand please put your name down for the next show!!

    The next show has not been decided on a date but looking at moving venue to a bigger and better purposed place to hold what we plan.

    Some ideas we possibly have at moment are:

    Bikini car wash
    Model Photoshoot with clubs
    Passenger drifiting
    DJ and music
    Miss SLE
    Show n Shine comp
    Best club stand comp
    Best install comp etc
    Valeting bay
    Food and Traders stands

    These are just a few ideas

    So if your interested in the stand put your names down guys

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