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Thread: rattleing noise!

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    rattleing noise!

    Hi mayb sum1 can help me,when i go over bumps i seem to get a rattleing noise not loud but can be heard from the front end if i put my foot down it doesnt happen but let of the power you can hear it again,now could this poss be my top mounts or drop links as i also have this problem aswell,i have had my wheel balanced about 5/6 times by 2 garages 1 being vaux but the problem neaver goes away comes back after 75/80ish it driveing me mad.any1 ever had anything like this??
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    full lock your steering and pull away and see if you hear something clicking, if there is, then its your outer CV joint. As I've just recently changed mines, mines was an annoying rattle over bumps in the road.
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